Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spinning Round Again

Happy New Year!

Okay, that makes me sound way more enthusiastic than I actually am about New Years. Honestly, I completely forgot about it until this morning. I mean, I knew the end of the year was coming, I just hadn't really thought about it much. The past few months have been so much about ChristmasChristmasChristmas that I've completely blanked on pretty much everything else, which is just weird considering I'm Jewish.

I have no New Years plans. I've learned over the years that it's easier and usually more fun just to relax and not make a big deal. Anytime I've tried to do something big and exciting it's blown up in my face. One year I went to the wrong park for the fireworks and spent midnight in a pitch black field. The next year I got in a fight with my date three weeks before New Years and wound up cancelling our plans entirely (along with the check I'd written him to cover my half of the night we'd planned). Spent my evening in the fancy dress I'd bought sitting on my friends couch.

So this year I'm perfectly content sitting around, watching TV, and eating junk food. Most people I've spoken with have felt the same. Tonight marks the anniversary of the planet spinning around the sun and landing back in the same spot it was in this night last year. Just like last night, just like tomorrow. It's something wonderful, something to be celebrated for sure. But I'll do it my way and save the hangovers for someone else.

Happy New Year.


Someday I might like to have a cool vlog. I'm not sure I could manage it.

1. I don't really do much, and therefore don't have all that much to talk about. I work. I sleep. I bum around the internet. I watch mystery stories on the TV (that was said in a slack-jawed yokel kind of accent, btw. Which brings me to...)

2.I do not have a fun accent. I'm from Northern New Jersey. I think I've got a rather standard non-regional dialect going on. No pleasant Texan twang, no lilting Scottish brogue, no.....other adjective inspiring sexy sounding voice. You get my point.

3. Making a vlog requires pretty much sitting around, talking to yourself very enthusiastically. That takes quite a bit of confidence, oddly enough. Maybe if I had a drink beforehand....

Oh lord, that's just sad. I need to get buzzed to sit in my room and talk to MYSELF.

4. I don't know anyone famous. Well - my grandma. She's not famous. Though she is in television and movies occasionally. Usually as some kind of perverted old woman. I'm so proud.

5. It's possible I hate the word "vlog". "Blog" is cute and silly. "Vlog" is just...awkward. And sounds like something from one of those made up Star Trek languages. I'm all for geeking out over some nerdy sci fi (is there any other kind?) but....okay, off topic. "Vlog" is a silly word. And possibly a brand of Swedish canned sausage for all I know.

...Do they can sausage?

Anyway. Vlogs. Maybe one day I'll be able to pull one off*. We'll see.

*That's what she said. Oh, shut up, I had to.